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2014 Gunn Show Challenge

This year I agreed to take part in the Amsterdam marathon on the 19th October. I’ve decided to do this as I have always wanted to try it, but to also shift, wait for it… weight. In this post you’ll see some of the challenges I’m putting myself through and see a live tracker of my weight loss… got to love tech! Continue reading “2014 Gunn Show Challenge”


Boris Johnson’s Summer Party – Viral Collection

Boris JohnsonThe Major of London has had one hell of a summer… and it fills me with pride to combine my love of viral videos and the bumbling man of city hall! Sit back and enjoy as Boris spices up your life! Continue reading “Boris Johnson’s Summer Party – Viral Collection”

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Opening of the Shard

To celebrate Europe’s tallest building official opening tonight (5th July 2011) I have pulled together some great content to commemorate the moment. Included in this post are some infographics and a timelapse video of the building’s early life. Continue reading “Opening of the Shard”