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Ads that show the beauty of the African spirit

Often adverts featuring Africa portrait the continent in strife and in need of donations. The truth is harsh and for many parts, the pain and suffering belies belief. But Africa is not the sick cousin which we must look down upon, it’s spirit must be cherished, it’s embrace is to behold and it’s warmth radiate across the globe to keep us warm in these cold dark months.

Although this post is of two adverts, I’m just delighted to see two brands who have understood the passion for life that fills the continent.

So sit back, watch, smile, rejoice in the effortless cool and let your chin quiver. Continue reading “Ads that show the beauty of the African spirit”

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TV, Twitter & the Online ROI Myth

TwitterThe news that Twitter has agreed a deal with Starcom MediaVest Group worth hundreds of millions of dollars over several years has set the marketing world alight. The deal with the major advertising buying agency will see the likes of McDonald’s and Wallmart work closer with 140 character social media network. A key influencer in the agency’s decision to back Twitter is the growing importance the platform is excreting over Television. Continue reading “TV, Twitter & the Online ROI Myth”

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Va Va Voom – The Modern Sex Sells Experiment

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Va Va Voom! is as sexy as they come in the world of advertising catchphrases. Ever since it was first spoken by the charismatic French goal machine Monsieur Thierry Henry for Renault it has been an advertiser’s dream come true.

Its back, it’s sexy and it knows it but this time its providing us an insight into who finds sex more interesting… Men or Women. Continue reading “Va Va Voom – The Modern Sex Sells Experiment”

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The Best Viral Ads of 2012 – In my opinion

Advertising is an industry which can not be accused of embracing the power of the internet. One of the great arts is the viral video. So here are a selection of some of my favourite ads over the past couple of months featuring Superhumans, a crazy female stuntwoman, Lego and Jack Bauer makes Cupcake… Continue reading “The Best Viral Ads of 2012 – In my opinion”

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How much does it cost to be a superhero? Batman Vs Iron Man [INFOGRAPHICS] has done a series of great infographics which show how much money it would cost to live the lives of Bruce Wayne (Batman) & Tony Stark (Iron Man). Continue reading “How much does it cost to be a superhero? Batman Vs Iron Man [INFOGRAPHICS]”

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Facebook vs. Google: Why Google is indebted to Google+ & YouTube

A lot of people have joined Google+ and have found it a bit of a damp squib. I have been on it for a couple of months and think it is pretty… dull. So what’s the point of the service?

And the answer is simple… advertising. Continue reading “Facebook vs. Google: Why Google is indebted to Google+ & YouTube”


New Ways To Advertise On YouTube

Zyrtec have launched a new interactive game which allows users to search for prizes by following a couple of thieving dogs… have a go. It will be interesting to see how this sector will grow. With reports saying that half of all searches are video then this could be a big growth market. Continue reading “New Ways To Advertise On YouTube”