Va Va Voom – The Modern Sex Sells Experiment

Ever since it was first spoken by the charismatic French goal machine Monsieur Thierry Henry for Renault it has been an advertiser’s dream come true.

Its back, it’s sexy and it knows it but this time its providing us an insight into who finds sex more interesting… Men or Women.Renault have tried many versions of the Va Va Voom advert, ranging from the artistic to the flamboyant to the practical. They have made a clear switch in their latest Viral smash hit series . The new sexy fun Va Va Voom is striking a chord with YouTube community clocking up over 3million views since March 28th 2013.

The adverts centre on a car showroom which takes four people out for a test drive of their new Clio. Separated into an advert for men and one for women, the adverts follow the same format as the famous Belgian viral from TNT ‘Push for Drama‘ where a typical day is interrupted by a candid camera style incident.

The adverts have enjoyed their success primarily because of their sexy dance scenes which round off the festivities. Thus far, there is close to a 3:1 ratio in viewing figures with the men watching ‘their’ version over 2million times more than the female focused advert.

The interesting thing about the campaign that it has created a clear A:B split test between the two genders. The results clearly show men are more keen than their female counterparts thus proving an age old stereotype. However, I highly doubt that this is the return of the day’s of Mad Men, but its nice to see a glimpse into the past for a bit though.