Sexism in advertising part II

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Adverts back in the 1950s & 60s were openly sexist towards women, as you can see in the below video. I genuinely thought the husband was about to slap his wife for producing a lacklustre coffee. But with equal rights a cornerstone of modern society, how far have we come?

Weird Science

Today’s adverts have become 30 second chemistry lessons full of drivel. The logic behind them is to inform the consumer on why this new product can produce better results than all of their competitors. In the below example Eva Longoria explains how her new hair colour kit targets every hair for a better colour.

Although harmless, the notion that women do not know what they are purchasing and need scientific advances in order to look beautiful is awful! Since when does someone go into a Supermarket and look at the molecular structure of a product?

Have a look at the left hand image, have you ever looked at it and thought “Ooooo I really fancy that one, but there is far too much nitrogen involved, really trying to cut down”

Can you figure out what the symbol is? You’ll be able to find out the answer at the end of the blog.

Alpha Males

Although advertisers attempt to confuse women into purchasing their product through useless science that is nothing considering adverts for men which involve women!

So what should be done, firstly I enjoy adverts which are clever, avoid overused stereotypes and connect with the customer. At this point I would normally add a video which shows how it’s not all bad, however I am struggling. Reasons being are:

  1. I am a bloke, therefore I do not have emotions
  2. I only see awful adverts for women

I would love to be proved wrong about point 2, but seriously, for every funny, witty or clever advert for women, I will be able to find 5 suited to men which are far better.

Sorry women, I guess today’s media is still out to make you feel insignificant in order to take your money.

And now for the answer – It’s chocolate… because every woman loves chocolate supposedly:

Tom Peterson
Tom Peterson