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Shutterstock’s 2013 Image Trends [INFOGRAPHIC]

Shuterstock have produced their annual Image trends infographic. Interesting highlights the growth in 3D imagery and also the importance of events on national trends. The UK’s main inspiration seems to have been influenced by a couple of big events in 2012… can’t imagine what they were. Nope. Not a clue. Continue reading “Shutterstock’s 2013 Image Trends [INFOGRAPHIC]”

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David Cameron’s Speech on Europe [INFOGRAPHIC]

David Cameron has sparked a massive debate on Britain’s involvement in the European Union. With a promise to hold an “In / Out” referendum before 2017 (if re-elected), Cicero have analysed his speech and compiled an excellent infographic which covers the history of Britain’s involvement in Europe and some of the reaction to his speech. My personal favorite quote comes from the French Foreign Minister, Laurent Fabius who said “Listen, if Britain decides to leave Europe, we will roll out the red carpet for you.” Continue reading “David Cameron’s Speech on Europe [INFOGRAPHIC]”

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The Growing Impact of Social Media

We all know that Social Media is impacting our lives, but how much time are we dedicating to it? This great infographic (from also shows how internet TV and online offerings are changing our daily habits. Continue reading “The Growing Impact of Social Media”

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The power hungry internet [INFOGRAPHIC]

The internet is growing in accessibility and using more and more resources. The following infographic is a great indicator of how much energy it is all ready consuming. Currently there are 2.4Billion internet users who are using 1.5% of global electricity. The interesting thing is what does the future hold as devices become more accessible and power hungry?

Continue reading “The power hungry internet [INFOGRAPHIC]”


How Great Britain was formed – [INFOGRAPHIC]

Have you ever wondered how England, Scotland, Wales & Ireland came together? How the United Kingdom is shaped or why the Union Jack looks like it does? I’ve come across a great infographic (from which will quell your curiosity for now.  Continue reading “How Great Britain was formed – [INFOGRAPHIC]”

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Coke vs Pepsi – The Ultimate Battle – 2 Amazing INFOGRAPHICS

For over 100 years Coca-Cola & Pepsi Cola have been battling it out for supremacy. In this special infographic post, we look at what the companies own, their brands and their communities (courtesy of We will also delve deeper into the Social Media engagement battle with an infographic (courtesy of which highlights the differences between Coca-Cola’s 50Million vs Pepsi’s 9Million fans and it is not as clear cut as you would think! Continue reading “Coke vs Pepsi – The Ultimate Battle – 2 Amazing INFOGRAPHICS”

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Ever since man first put camera’s in the hands of the willing public, personal pain or anguish has been met with both a sound of ‘Oooooooh’ and pure joy. Today, these events can be found on both YouTube and through the world of Social Media. The later presents us with this week’s infographic, courtesy of creative agency MDG Advertising.

The beauty of fails through Social Media are that they are the result of the individual themselves, it therefore in this blogger’s opinion, increases its #FAIL potential! Continue reading “Social Media #FAILS [#INFOGRAPHIC]”