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Should I use a QR code this Christmas?

QR codes were viewed by many as the quick way to convert people’s advertising experience into a digital one. Mouse mates, ads and event running shoes adorned the pixel wonder. Have we finally got rid of them or are we seeing a new wave? Continue reading “Should I use a QR code this Christmas?”

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2014 Gunn Show Challenge

This year I agreed to take part in the Amsterdam marathon on the 19th October. I’ve decided to do this as I have always wanted to try it, but to also shift, wait for it… weight. In this post you’ll see some of the challenges I’m putting myself through and see a live tracker of my weight loss… got to love tech! Continue reading “2014 Gunn Show Challenge”


An Advertiser’s Guide to Ad Viewability [INFOGRAPHIC]

Recently, the team at Infectious Media have been listed as the fastest growing UK company by Deloitte’s Fast 50. It is clear that their understanding of how users interact with advertising creative has been at the heart of this. The World of Real Time Bidding is changing the entire advertising paradigm and with growth of over 9000%, its clear that they are quickly becoming the dominant player in the space. Continue reading “An Advertiser’s Guide to Ad Viewability [INFOGRAPHIC]”


Very interesting view on if Social Media is going too far. I think in addition to the advert question, the social media providers really need to improve on removing spam accounts and virus apps which hijack user profiles. This is particularly true on Twitter.


Facebook has made several radical changes to support its drive to increase revenue. Twitter is on the same path. But have they tipped the balance and found your breaking point yet?

Dangerous Minds has written a lengthy and eloquent complaint about how Facebook is deliberately “broken” so that your posts are held hostage unless you pay to promote them. They didn’t cover the other parts of this plan, such as removing or obscuring access to RSS feeds of Facebook content, or treating cross-posted content as inferior, so that not even the 15% of your friends or fans – who might see content you posted directly – get to see those posts. They are listed as “X posted something from WordPress”, for example. This is designed to force you to access Facebook directly so they can deliver their promotion pitch. For activists, there is the additional challenge of having content removed, or having pages or accounts suspended. We are not just unwelcome:…

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INFOGRAPHIC: How your users use the web

This week’s Infographic is a fantastic piece of research. Although the focus is on American Adults, it is not hard to imagine similar results across the globe. The research graphic, which was built by FLOWTOWN, shows that maybe Twitter is not as important as some will have you believe! Continue reading “INFOGRAPHIC: How your users use the web”