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Should I use a QR code this Christmas?

QR codes were viewed by many as the quick way to convert people’s advertising experience into a digital one. Mouse mates, ads and event running shoes adorned the pixel wonder. Have we finally got rid of them or are we seeing a new wave? Continue reading “Should I use a QR code this Christmas?”

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The death of the natives? A progressive shift for apps, web & marketers

Can mobile web provide an alternative to the dominant platform in the mobile market?


“Native apps are specific to a given mobile platform (iOS or Android) using the development tools and language that the respective platform supports (e.g., Xcode and Objective-C with iOS, Eclipse and Java with Android).” (Korf and Oksman, 2015)

Since the rise of the smartphone, native apps have been a core component and have taken the world by storm. As Korf and Oksman state, ‘Native apps look and perform the best’ . Consumers clearly agree; in 2015 alone there were 75 billion apps downloaded across Android and iOS . These numbers have been generated across Google Play which currently has 2,140,655 apps and iTunes AppStore with a further 1,400,000+ apps . These numbers are only set to increase considering the growth in cheap smartphones entering the market will enable market access to an entire generation who are on the bottom end of the social mobility ladder. The market is growing and the technological framework is increasing to meet its demands. But can mobile web provide an alternative to this dominate format?

Progressive Web Applications (PWAs)

Unlike HTML5 and Hybrid applications which use web elements inside app frameworks, progressive web applications are websites which through code can become applications. The website is built with commands that the browser can recognise which will enable it to perform functions which users have come to know and love about apps. These rules are outlined in the extensible web manifesto built in partnership between Mozilla, Opera, and Google Chrome among others. Continue reading “The death of the natives? A progressive shift for apps, web & marketers”

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The Definitive Internet Trends Report By KPCB

KPCB have recently released their Internet Trends Report for 2014 and the results are staggering. Key points include a global slowing down of internet and smartphone take up but an astronomical rise in both usage and ownership of tablet devices.  Continue reading “The Definitive Internet Trends Report By KPCB”

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TV, Twitter & the Online ROI Myth

TwitterThe news that Twitter has agreed a deal with Starcom MediaVest Group worth hundreds of millions of dollars over several years has set the marketing world alight. The deal with the major advertising buying agency will see the likes of McDonald’s and Wallmart work closer with 140 character social media network. A key influencer in the agency’s decision to back Twitter is the growing importance the platform is excreting over Television. Continue reading “TV, Twitter & the Online ROI Myth”

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Va Va Voom – The Modern Sex Sells Experiment

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Va Va Voom! is as sexy as they come in the world of advertising catchphrases. Ever since it was first spoken by the charismatic French goal machine Monsieur Thierry Henry for Renault it has been an advertiser’s dream come true.

Its back, it’s sexy and it knows it but this time its providing us an insight into who finds sex more interesting… Men or Women. Continue reading “Va Va Voom – The Modern Sex Sells Experiment”

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The Cult of Celebrity Start-ups

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Celebrities in nature believe, like Kevin Bacon, that they are the centre of the Universe. Superstar status sells, and something as simple as etching a signature to a hot new product can usually guarantee its success.
Continue reading “The Cult of Celebrity Start-ups”

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The power hungry internet [INFOGRAPHIC]

The internet is growing in accessibility and using more and more resources. The following infographic is a great indicator of how much energy it is all ready consuming. Currently there are 2.4Billion internet users who are using 1.5% of global electricity. The interesting thing is what does the future hold as devices become more accessible and power hungry?

Continue reading “The power hungry internet [INFOGRAPHIC]”