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Understanding the role of employees in managing corporate reputation – Sports Direct Case Study [Part 2]

‘Corporate reputations is all-encompassing term for what employees think of their employer, what customers think of their provider, what investors think of shareholding and so on’ (Varey 2002, p193).

Therefore, corporate reputation cannot be controlled because it is ‘held by its constituents’ (Fomburn, p9). The only influence an organisation can exert is on its culture and employees.  Continue reading “Understanding the role of employees in managing corporate reputation – Sports Direct Case Study [Part 2]”

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The importance of character and personality of an organisation on corporate reputation – Sports Direct Case Study

The purpose of this report is to examine the importance a corporation’s character in the development of a corporate reputation.

The report will critically examine the concepts and theories pertaining to corporate character, culture and identity and assess to what extent these principals influence Sports Direct’s corporate reputation and make recommendations on future campaigns. Continue reading “The importance of character and personality of an organisation on corporate reputation – Sports Direct Case Study”

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The Definitive Internet Trends Report By KPCB

KPCB have recently released their Internet Trends Report for 2014 and the results are staggering. Key points include a global slowing down of internet and smartphone take up but an astronomical rise in both usage and ownership of tablet devices.  Continue reading “The Definitive Internet Trends Report By KPCB”

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TV, Twitter & the Online ROI Myth

TwitterThe news that Twitter has agreed a deal with Starcom MediaVest Group worth hundreds of millions of dollars over several years has set the marketing world alight. The deal with the major advertising buying agency will see the likes of McDonald’s and Wallmart work closer with 140 character social media network. A key influencer in the agency’s decision to back Twitter is the growing importance the platform is excreting over Television. Continue reading “TV, Twitter & the Online ROI Myth”

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Va Va Voom – The Modern Sex Sells Experiment

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Va Va Voom! is as sexy as they come in the world of advertising catchphrases. Ever since it was first spoken by the charismatic French goal machine Monsieur Thierry Henry for Renault it has been an advertiser’s dream come true.

Its back, it’s sexy and it knows it but this time its providing us an insight into who finds sex more interesting… Men or Women. Continue reading “Va Va Voom – The Modern Sex Sells Experiment”

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Shutterstock’s 2013 Image Trends [INFOGRAPHIC]

Shuterstock have produced their annual Image trends infographic. Interesting highlights the growth in 3D imagery and also the importance of events on national trends. The UK’s main inspiration seems to have been influenced by a couple of big events in 2012… can’t imagine what they were. Nope. Not a clue. Continue reading “Shutterstock’s 2013 Image Trends [INFOGRAPHIC]”

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The Cult of Celebrity Start-ups

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Celebrities in nature believe, like Kevin Bacon, that they are the centre of the Universe. Superstar status sells, and something as simple as etching a signature to a hot new product can usually guarantee its success.
Continue reading “The Cult of Celebrity Start-ups”