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Should I use a QR code this Christmas?

QR codes were viewed by many as the quick way to convert people’s advertising experience into a digital one. Mouse mates, ads and event running shoes adorned the pixel wonder. Have we finally got rid of them or are we seeing a new wave?

I came across an interesting flow chart on LinkedIn about should I use a QR code?

QR code.jpeg

As you can tell, there is a lot of animosity towards QR codes, only a short look through provides some compelling evidence to why we should get rid of them!

QR Codes are the opposite of joy via @sjenkinson

Joy QR.jpg

The problem is that we are all inherently lazy, a user has to actively seek to open up their QR scanner, take their camera, try focusing their lens and then hoping that the QR code will load up a web page. For example, think how much effort it would take to try to see this call to action.

QR trainers.jpg

But are there still place for QR codes? In parts of Asia, QR codes are used highly valuable especially in connection with WeChat. Even the big providers utilise them, Snapchat & Whatsapp regularly use CR codes to share content with their audience. So when is the right time to use them?

On Adverts?

No, no, no and no! A short URL is far more impactful, allows for the brand name to be read and showcase promo codes easier. Nobody is going to stand to look at your ad long enough to want to scan a QR code, it’s dead, move on!

In person?

Yes, QR codes are great for passing along complex / unique URL structures which would be difficult transfer else wise. Some excellent examples of when to use them include:

  • As part of a ticket – from aeroplanes to concerts, businesses are able to quickly scan QR codes and verify that you have a correct ticket. These are particularly powerful if they allow people to check in quicker. For example, I can go down to my local cinema with my pre-purchased ticket, show them my smart watch QR code and after one quick scan, ta da! I’m in. My watch has all of my seat info and even the screen number.
  • Loyalty schemes – physical plastic cards are costly, you need to have them on you as you walk about and you never know when you may be going to have that Cheeky Nando’s. But taking your brand onto the user’s device means your brand is always available. They can get your offers and earn your points, whilst you get back valuable user data and insight

It’s important to remember, that once you are on a user’s device, there are a plethora of promotion activities thanks to your campaign being focused around the customer’s data. Push notifications, email promotion and In-App offers are just some of the ways you can make the most of being on the user’s device, and the way you verify them is our good old friend, QR.

So this Christmas, don’t stick up a random QR code and hope you’ll get a lead, give your users a reason to have your QR code on their device and give the gift of insight to your marketing and product development teams!

Scanner not included!


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