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2014 Gunn Show Challenge

This year I agreed to take part in the Amsterdam marathon on the 19th October. I’ve decided to do this as I have always wanted to try it, but to also shift, wait for it… weight. In this post you’ll see some of the challenges I’m putting myself through and see a live tracker of my weight loss… got to love tech!

My aim seemed simple when I started, whilst on holiday I clocked in at a massive 110kg, I am now determined to get down to 90kg. A few of my mates have cheeky bets set up to see if I can do it. I will be looking at ways to turn this into a fund-raising opportunity, and I think the below will persuade people to contribute, as the tasks I’m looking to do are not easy… especially if you know me.

For those who know me, the first challenge I’ve set myself is by far the hardest! It is one of my personal passions in life, it brings a refreshing perspective, provides clarity, causes headaches and is the healer of all things. It is beer. The below list is a table with my aims and break clauses.

6th May – 12th June 2014


22nd June 2014

Hackney Half-Marathon

13th July – October 19th 2014*


October 19th 2014

Amsterdam Marathon

*There will be a couple of days where I will allow myself a drink which will are my birthday and one of my best mates weddings.

But alas, the main aim is to shift the weight, below is my live tracker. If I’m successful I will weigh 90kgs by the time I race. Keep checking back here. Will do another post once I figure out the charity angle on this!

Wish me luck!

Created by MyFitnessPal – Free Calorie Counter

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