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Ads that show the beauty of the African spirit

Often adverts featuring Africa portrait the continent in strife and in need of donations. The truth is harsh and for many parts, the pain and suffering belies belief. But Africa is not the sick cousin which we must look down upon, it’s spirit must be cherished, it’s embrace is to behold and it’s warmth radiate across the globe to keep us warm in these cold dark months.

Although this post is of two adverts, I’m just delighted to see two brands who have understood the passion for life that fills the continent.

So sit back, watch, smile, rejoice in the effortless cool and let your chin quiver.

Congo Cool

I’m the master of my fate & captain of my soul.

What fills my heart the most about this piece of work is that they transport you from assumptions that African life is behind the times. It shouts loud and proud that these elegant people of the Congo are ‘the master of their fate & captain of their souls’.

It is a truly powerful statement from a country which has witnessed years of civil war as recently as the 90’s ( However those words are not designed to be said in the face of adversity, but in pride. It dispenses your judgement to see a wonderful society that should be shown more than the crass celebrity culture which dominates our lives.

Never too old to learn

This piece is set in modern day South Africa, dominated by Apartheid, millions of the country’s population were denied the chance to learn how to read. It follows a man who despite entering the twilight of his years looks to learn how to read. I won’t give too much away from the story, but what I love the most is that it doesn’t blame the past (which I wouldn’t be aggrieved for them to do so) but instead only looks forward. It is a lovely built story.

Now a treat, here is more about the SAPEURS. Guinness have accompanied their advert with a documentary into their lives, and it doesn’t disappoint, the men inside the suits are as cool and suave as the ad shows.

The stand out comment for me is ‘that we borrow each-other’s clothes to cut costs, because it’s the man in the suit that counts.’ If only those working the city could understand that the next time they show off their new £1000 suit!

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