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My review of the app


I’m writing this post via the WordPress app and thought it would be good to have a go at reviewing it whilst testing!

The first thing I found to be very good was the simplicity of the interface. Very easy to navigate and easy to review analytics & add new posts.

By making the app native it allows me to easily continue uploading content whilst out of signal. Currently this is my view….


The way that the image / media function is by uploading the file to your media centre then it pastes the file at the bottom of your document in HTML code. It is a simple solution but it will lead to people without an understanding breaking code and not knowing how to fix it.

On WordPress, it automatically converts YouTube share links into video. In theory the app will do the same. Here it goes….

I’ll see the result when I post this review. All in all, another step forward for the world’s biggest CMS. It does the basic but think it should make the app media friendly. I would love to post my photos, share my videos and the world of my mobile online. This app will make it harder for those who do not have the required knowledge base.’s strength is bringing CMS to the masses by being easy this will put some off, but at least it’s a start!


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