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The Best Viral Ads of 2012 – In my opinion

Advertising is an industry which can not be accused of embracing the power of the internet. One of the great arts is the viral video. So here are a selection of some of my favourite ads over the past couple of months featuring Superhumans, a crazy female stuntwoman, Lego and Jack Bauer makes Cupcake… Continue reading “The Best Viral Ads of 2012 – In my opinion”

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What’s changed online in 10 years? [INFOGRAPHIC]

The World Wide Web has been spun across our society and is rapidly infiltrating our societies. The below infographic, courtesy of showcases how it has done this over the past 10 years and how our user habits have changed.

My particular highlight is how businesses failed to see the internet’s true potential. What were you thinking Blockbuster? Continue reading “What’s changed online in 10 years? [INFOGRAPHIC]”

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A look at a day in Twitter [INFOGRAPHIC]

I saw this great infographic on Mashable yesterday which shows a day in the life of Twitter. Some very interesting data which is compiled by Diffbot which can identify the type of content behind any web link. Their Page Classifier analysed 750,000 links posted on Twitter to create the infographic below, which gives an excellent snapshot of what we share and how. Continue reading “A look at a day in Twitter [INFOGRAPHIC]”


Boris Johnson’s Summer Party – Viral Collection

Boris JohnsonThe Major of London has had one hell of a summer… and it fills me with pride to combine my love of viral videos and the bumbling man of city hall! Sit back and enjoy as Boris spices up your life! Continue reading “Boris Johnson’s Summer Party – Viral Collection”

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Why is Facebook’s stock going down?

Here is a great Infographic I came across on (courtesy of Statista) on why Facebook’s shares hare “Tanking” Continue reading “Why is Facebook’s stock going down?”