Sexism in advertising part II

In my previous post about sexism in advertising, I was annoyed by how men are perceived to be emotionless slobs. Now I tackle the subject of women in TV adverts, in the most scientific and age-defying way possible. Continue reading “Sexism in advertising part II”

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FourSquare has 10million+ Users, its Infographic time!

Ever used FourSquare? Do you admire from the distance? Are you the King of Starbucks in Cockfosters? Or do you think it’s a massive wast of time? Regardless what you think, its big and been visualised in one big and beautiful infographic. Continue reading “FourSquare has 10million+ Users, its Infographic time!”

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Who are you on Facebook? Annon VS. Public Inforgraphic

With Google+ offering greater control over privacy and interaction with groups, how are users of Facebook using to protect / broadcast their profiles? Continue reading “Who are you on Facebook? Annon VS. Public Inforgraphic”

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July’s best virals

My favourite job on the web returns. With so much going on here in the UK, NewsCorp had to get a viral in this feature. Well done to the Daily Show for such a good segment! Also in this edition, eHarmony date video goes viral. Continue reading “July’s best virals”