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The battle to become Zeus – God of the Cloud

In Greek mythology, Zeus is both the “Father of Gods and men” and the god of sky, who controls thunder and the clouds from whence they came. Fast forward 2,500 years and the battle is raging once again to control the clouds.

On Monday 7th June 2011 Apple’s God of Innovation thrust his hand to the sky to show his legion of followers where the next battle will be.

Google & Microsoft have been beckoning believers to join them in their quest to reach the heavens, but only one man’s weary voice has made the world listen. Steve Jobs introduced the vision for the iCloud. The presentation was as slick and polished as we have come to expect from Apple, but not revolutionary.

So what can we expect in the future? In a previous post I commented on how hard-ware providers are enabling the cloud revolution by offering internet functions. Although they are well placed to offer cloud services (Sony for example is investing heavily in this sector), web and social media offerings will now be able to compete regardless of the device.

The winner of this battle will be the provider who figures out what its offering is and how to package it to the consumer… something that Mr Steve “Call Me Zeus” Jobs knows all too well!

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