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Objectification of the sexes and dumbing of the senses

In recent weeks I have been annoyed to say the least by an alarming trend of adverts which degrade the art of advertising and get under my skin. They look down at their consumer and play to the growing ‘The Sun’ tabloid culture of treating people like kids. Be warned, the following videos are not a great reflection of the (sometimes brilliant) British advertising scene. Continue reading “Objectification of the sexes and dumbing of the senses”

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Asking Questions on #Twitter ? How we do it #Infographic

TwitterAnother infographic to add to the collection. This time the focus is on how we interact with the social media site. Continue reading “Asking Questions on #Twitter ? How we do it #Infographic”

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The battle to become Zeus – God of the Cloud

In Greek mythology, Zeus is both the “Father of Gods and men” and the god of sky, who controls thunder and the clouds from whence they came. Fast forward 2,500 years and the battle is raging once again to control the clouds.

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When celebs and roads meet!

This week’s viral delights involve roads and the celebs who can not control them. Inside this edition are President Obama and CNN’s Piers Morgan.

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