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Spotify & Facebook to join forces? Clouds will shake!

News / Rumour is coming out that Facebook and the music streaming site Spotify are in discussions about a possible deal. Why should the cloud market be worried?

The move would allow users to stream songs through their Facebook accounts. This comes days after Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg said that TV, music and books are the next “media experiences” that will be revolutionised by social media. He said at a conference in Paris “I hope we can play a part in enabling those new companies to get built, and companies that are out there producing this great content to become more social”.

With Google, Amazon and Apple all competing in the music digital download battle, stand out is going to be vital. So what does the music and media battle have to do with cloud computing? Microsoft, Google and Sony are all promoting their cloud offerings to consumers as their belief is that this will be the new information frontier. It will allow users to access all of their content regardless of geographical location or because of their device.  Sony’s offering will enable users to stream their content seamlessly between their home technology systems (Their Sony Waio, PlayStation 3, TV ect.) thus allowing the user to be surrounded by their cloud.

Devices such as Tablets and Smart Phones all have to provide users with a  Facebook friendly experience such is the demand to be connected with the social media giant. With a potential union with Spotify in the pipeline, they will be in an excellent position to influence the way users interact with music.

Why should cloud providers be worried?

Sony is a perfect example of a company playing into Facebook’s hands. The idea to allow their devices to communicate with each other to share content is innovative, however they are all internet enabled. This means that the user will be able to access their Facebook account across all of their devices too. Unwittingly companies such as Sony will provide Facebook the hardware to become a cloud provider. The only difference is that the Facebook platform will not need to be app, brand or device specific.

Do not be surprised if in the next few months we see Facebook work with TV programme providers like HBO to offer the complete media experience to their users.

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